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This is the reason Compass Insurance Partners exists:

We believe that guidance from a service-minded partner helps clients make better health insurance decisions.

We are looking for People with Key Characteristics:

A Compass Partner puts the needs of the client above their own.

A Compass Partner always keeps in mind the profitability of their time and resources. 

A Compass Partner is able to relate to clients and find out what they need and communicate their options.

1. Service-minded

2. Profit-minded

3. Effective Communicator



When you join the Compass team, you are signing up for something different.

Compass Insurance Partners is founded on one basic principle: we’re here to serve the client. Compass is about the client, not us. We want to build relationships and earn their trust. Our company is also built on embracing technology. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, our agents were seamlessly moved to working from home and were able to stay there as long as needed. We have always striven to make Compass a family-friendly place where the client and team members can feel comfortable and stress-free about the insurance process. This was never more evident in such challenging times as the Coronavirus.

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Our focus at Compass is to:


We relate to our clients with empathy and compassion.


We educate our clients on the insurance process and their options.


We communicate promptly and consistently so they have a positive experience.

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